Installing Raspberry Pi

Basic installation of Raspberry Pi. Main documents for the installation and starting using Raspberry Pi are available in

An interesting blog about the first steeps appears in

  1. Select Operating System. Selection depends on what we want to do with our RBP. In resume, we can do 3 general things
    • Graphical use, multimedia applications.
    • Home Server
    • Real Time applications, control system for input/output devices, sensors/actuators, robotics …

    At present (March 2013) there are 2 main operating systems available

    • Raspbian Wheezy, for most installations. This is based on Debian Wheezy.
    • Arch Linux ARM,
  2. Install Operating System.
  3. Basic configuration
  4. Network
  5. Expand root partition. This can be done using the tool “raspi-config”
  6. Split CPU vs GPU.

To think about What we can do with a RBP, see this blog

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